adam’s margarita

This fantabulous margarita recipe comes from my brother-in-law, Adam.  Since it uses a frozen mix it’s ridiculously easy.  I occasionally feel like I need to look up a recipe to make the whole thing from scratch, but why bother when this one’s so good and so easy?

Adam’s Margarita

Serves….well, it depends on the size of your glass and how much you want.  Let’s just say that one recipe serves two pretty comfortably

1 can of Bacardi frozen margarita mix
1/2 can of tequila (same can)
1/4 can triple sec – one tray’s worth of ice cubes
1 lime
happiness (optional, but extremely likely after you take a sip)

Mix all ingredients in blender.  Run lime around rims of glasses, roll in coarse salt, serve.  Oh, and serve with a wedge of lime if you can remember and if you have the patience to wait an extra 3 seconds, which you may not.


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