peachy keen (peach + bourbon cocktail)

Peachy Keen Cocktail (bourbon and peach-honey liqueur)

Ok, so I already shared the Watermelon-Cucumber Refresher, which is the first drink that I made with my sister and brother-in-law from DIY Cocktails, and now I’m jumping to the third and last drink (I’m saving the second drink for my next post because once you try it, you may just forget about all other drinks for a while).

Peachy Keen Cocktail

The thing that excited me the most about this recipe is that you actually make a liqueur – a peach-honey liqueur, and you don’t need to think ahead 5 days to do it. Not only does DIY Cocktails tell you how to make the peach-honey liqueur, it explains how to make any fruit liqueur, giving instructions for both the regular method and the “last-minute” method (the peach-honey liqueur is the latter). Just think of all the fruit liqueur possibilities!


Peachy Keen Cocktail and Bourbon

Now, I absolutely love peaches, but I have to admit, sometimes I’m just too lazy to deal with them. There’s the pit to contend with, they’re a pain to peal (even if you blanch them first), and it’s hard (for me at least) to get the timing right for the approximately 5 minutes when they’re just perfectly ripe. A fresh summer peach, however, is totally worth the trouble. Add some bourbon and I promise after one sip you will have completely forgotten your sticky slip n’ slide incident when you tried cutting up the peach earlier in the day.

Peachy Keen Cocktail

Up next, my favorite drink from DIY Cocktails and a giveaway of the book!


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