Aug 26 2011

cherry compote

Cherry Compote

Over the last few weeks I’ve become increasingly annoyed by the number of people talking about summer drawing to a close, the fall catalogs piling up at my door, and Halloween candy appearing in the grocery store. I wanted to scream, “No, summer is not over! There’s tons of summer left!” But now that August is almost over and Harvard Square is suddenly getting a lot more crowded with students returning, I’m starting to begin to come to terms with the fact that summer is coming to a close. Yes, I am almost ready to bring myself out of denial. But not yet, because it’s still summer, dang it. And as much as I love fall, it’s followed by another season that in Boston involves a lot of a certain four letter word that I refuse to think about now.


Cherries are one of my favorite things about summer and I usually just eat them straight up. And as much as I really, really love fresh, unadulterated cherries, I suddenly feel like an expiration date is drawing near on my supply and it’s been inspiring me to do more than just pop them in my mouth. I started off with the cherry almond muffins, and with Jessica and Adam visiting us last weekend, I knew I wanted to try something else with cherries. Adam loves cherries almost as much as I do and we have a family tradition of Belgian waffle brunches, so cherry compote seemed like the perfect, well, cherry on top.

Cherries in pan

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Aug 24 2011

s’mores pie

S'mores Pie

Nothing brings back the excitement of summer as a kid like a toasty golden brown marshmallow. Ok, let’s be realistic, mine were usually crispy and blackened…. But I just love s’mores. There’s nothing like getting marshmallows all over your hands and mouth as you take your first bite. The warm, gooey marshmallow, the crunchy graham cracker, and the melty chocolate that ties it all together is one of the most genius food combinations and making s’mores is almost as fun as eating them.

I have so many great memories throughout my life of roasting marshmallows for s’mores. There were the campfires at my first sleepaway camp, marshmallows over a bonfire with college friends, roasting marshmallows over a gas stove using forks instead of sticks (you MUST resist the urge to lick the gooey marshmallow off of the scalding fork, something my friends and I all failed at because it is simply natural instinct to lick the warm marshmallow), marshmallows roasted over a wood stove in a cabin with family, and most recently, s’mores over a campfire at a wedding (best idea EVER).

Graham Crackers

This s’mores pie is the perfect way to cling to what’s left of summer and enjoy the holy trinity of graham crackers, ooey, gooey marshmallows, and some serious, serious chocolate, and share it with others all without building a fire or burning your tongue on a hot fork. ‘Cause even though it’s fun to roast your marshmallows over an open flame, there are some days when it’s just not going to happen and this pie is perfect for those days. This pie makes me so happy.

Chopped Chocolate

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Aug 19 2011

cherry almond muffins

Cherry Almond Muffins

My last post was all about loss, heartbreak, and an outrageously rich pie, so I’m  going to try to lighten things up this week. Last weekend, after making the peanut butter pie for Mikey, Joseph and I went to meet Zoe, the 3 1/2 week old baby of our friends, Christina and Adam. Her amazing, full, dark head of hair, her smile, her dimple, and her tiny little toes and fingers were the perfect remedy for thinking about loss of life. This little bundle of jubilation is just beginning her life and it’s amazing to think of how she’ll grow and the person that she will become.

Fresh Cherries

We already had a small gift for Zoe, but it was equally important to me to bring some baked goods for the parents and I had been desperate to make these cherry almond muffins ever since I had seen them on The Pastry Affair. I absolutely adore cherries (I decided this summer that they’re my favorite fruit, which is saying something because I hate to pick favorites) and I loved the idea of pairing them up with almonds. This was the perfect time to finally get to try them out.

Cherry Almond Muffins

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Aug 13 2011

creamy peanut butter pie

Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

Like the rest of the food blogging community, I was shocked and horrified by the news that Jennifer Perillo’s husband, Mikey, passed away quite unexpectedly of a heart attack last Sunday. My jaw dropped and tears streamed down my face when I read Jennifer’s twitter feed that day, which went from counting down the days to their vacation to “He’s gone. And my heart is shattered in a million pieces.”

Chocolate Graham Crackers

I can’t begin to imagine the pain of losing your spouse so suddenly like that. It’s my biggest fear. To lose Joseph would be to lose my heart and my soul. I don’t know how I would breath.


Peanuts on Chocolate

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