Oct 30 2012

apple cinnamon bread

Apple Cinnamon Bread

 It’s that time of year: apple season. One of my all-time favorite times of the year. I’ve talked before about my love of apple season and even Apple Day, a day devoted entirely to devouring tasty meals made from apples. This apple bread was my first foray into apple cooking this fall and it is worthy of repeat performances. Many repeat performances.


Cored Apples

I was frankly shocked at how quickly we devoured this loaf of apple cinnamon bread. It’s one of those quick breads that you make for breakfast and then decide to have some for dessert. After every meal.

Sprinkling Topping Over Apple Bread

Apple Cinnamon Bread

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Oct 1 2012

bourbon and chocolate chip banana bread

Bourbon and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

My aunt and uncle moved into their cute house on the northern border of Massachusetts last winter and going up to visit them is the perfect antidote to the crazy work schedule I’ve had lately. Technically it’s on a lake, but we all call it the Pond House and it is every bit as cozy and quaint as it sounds. The house boasts big plush couches in the living room, comfy chairs on the screened-in porch overlooking the lake, tall Adirondack chairs on the deck, and even a cute little bench on the dock right over the water.

Bananas and Bourbon

Bourbon and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Batter

Have you figured out the pattern here? Whether it’s a bench, an Adirondack chair or a couch, there are myriad options of where to plant your tush while you sit and do nothing but while away the hours with some pretty awesome family members. Should you decide you’d like more movement than the basics of transporting wine or cheese from the table to your mouth, you can hop in a kayak or go for a scenic walk. In short, this is the life.

Bourbon and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread out of the oven

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