Feb 11 2016


Choco-Mallow candies

Have you ever had just what you need fall into your lap? Just before Christmas I needed to make a dessert to bring to a dessert potluck at work and, being short on time, I hadn’t figured out what that would be. I had a vague sense of what I wanted–something chocolately, but ideally with some red highlights to add some festivity–but above all else, I wanted something quick and simple. Being a working mom has really put a crimp in my baking style. And just when I was nearly out of time, a Facebook friend posted about a recipe for choco-mallows from the King Arthur Flour website. So there it was. A recipe that delivered the chocolate I was craving and it was already vetted by my friend who’s an avid baker (seriously, she makes a triple batch of cupcakes at the drop of a hat). Oh, and it is beyond simple to make.

Choco-Mallow candies

It’s a great recipe any time of year, but holidays are always prime time for yummy treats and I know that Valentine’s Day is often a time when people who don’t often cook or bake want to make a special effort to show their love, so this seemed like a good time to share the recipe. Skip the pre-packaged candies and make your own!

If you can put ingredients into a bowl and stir, I promise you can make these. And you don’t even have to turn the oven on, so you don’t even have to worry about burning them! It’s about the easiest dessert there is after opening a box of brownie mix.

Choco-mallow candies

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