Sep 1 2010

roasted cauliflower

I love roasted veggies.  Already delicious vegetables get a sweetened lift and and tender bite in a hot, hot oven.  If you’re not a huge cauliflower fan, you’ve got to try them roasted.  The olive oil, salt, and pepper bring out of the best of cauliflower and just a pinch of nutmeg lends the slightest flavor twist. No mushy, bland vegetables here.

Cauliflower gets a bad rap not just for it’s often bland preparation, but for it’s nutritional content.  You know how you always hear that the darker your green leafy veggies, the more nutrients it has?  So surely cauliflower, a white (!?!) vegetable would be a complete nutritional void.  Not so.  Joseph, my resident nutritionist (ok, he’s not a nutritionist, but he did spend 2 years studying nutrition as a part of his food and nutrition policy doctorate degree) has assured me that it’s actually a good source of protein, riboflavin, phosphorus and potassium, and a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, pantothenic acid and manganese.  Phew! Continue reading