Dec 1 2012

amsterdam and paris

Amsterdam and Paris 20 682x1024 amsterdam and paris

After a brief hiatus, I’m back to the recap of our trip to Europe that I promised. I just had a sneaking suspicion that you might be more interested in a recipe for the most amazing pumpkin pie ever just days before Thanksgiving. Now I’m back to Europe, so to speak.

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After Brussels and Bruges, we headed to Amsterdam where we promptly set out to find rijsttafel. What’s rijsttafel, you ask? Translated, it’s rice table, but what it really means is a table full of small Indonesian samplings. Why we don’t have this in every city in the United States is beyond me. It’s the perfect way to get to try several different dishes ranging in color, level of spiciness, texture, and of course flavor. In short, you get to try a little bit of everything. We had 10 small dishes ranging from chicken satay to lamb curry, to tofu curry, plus a large bowl of rice to share between the two of us and we had no problem polishing it all off.

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Amsterdam and Paris 5 682x1024 amsterdam and paris

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Jul 10 2011

seriously delicious ribs

simplly delicious ribs 4 1024x682 seriously delicious ribs

As I said last time, since my knee surgery I’ve been pulling my weight around the house by suggesting to Joseph what he can make for me. And when I opened my weekly e-mail from Food52 last weekend, I immediately clicked on their menu suggestions for 4th of July and stopped scrolling when I got to the “Seriously Delicious Ribs.” I was so excited that when I called out to Joseph, well, we’re lucky he didn’t call an ambulance, thinking there was something wrong with my knee.

simplly delicious ribs 1 682x1024 seriously delicious ribs

We were supposed to go to Burlington, VT for 4th of July weekend, including one of my favorite places on earth, the Restaurant at the Inn at Shelburne Farms, to celebrate our second anniversary. Our anniversary was June 19th, but between traveling and people traveling to visit us, we hadn’t had time to properly celebrate. My grandparents lived in Burlington and we used to go every summer so besides being a really nice town, it’s a very nostalgic place for me and I was really looking forward to it. When my doctor’s office called and told me that the doctor could squeeze my surgery in on July 1st, I panicked. I talked it through with Joseph and my boss at work, and finally decided it would be better to just get the surgery over with. I was so sad that it took me a few days to get around to canceling the reservations. Oh well. I’m sure we made someone on the waitlist very happy, and hopefully we’ll still be able to get up there later this summer.

simplly delicious ribs 2 1024x682 seriously delicious ribs

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Jul 5 2011

ohio food love

Ohio Love Ice Cream sq flower 1024x1024 ohio food love

Now that I’ve given you a full overview of all the cocktails I drank while I was visiting Ohio (here, here, here, and don’t forget the DIY Cocktails giveaway!), I thought I would  give you a little snapshot of the rest of my time in Columbus and Athens, OH because it was so much more fun than I thought it would be! After my sister and brother-in-law treated me to a lovely lunch at Rigsby’s Kitchen, they took me to Jeni’s Ice Cream. It. Was. Amazing. If you live anywhere in the Columbus vicinity, you have to check it out. My absolute favorite ice cream place in the world is Toscanini’s in Boston (if you weren’t aware, New Englanders take their ice cream very seriously), but Jeni’s gives them a run for their money.

Ohio Love Ice Cream Flavors + 2 3 1024x682 ohio food love

Ohio Love Ice Cream Spoons Sign 1024x471 ohio food love

Jeni’s is a little bit cheaper (you may need a small loan if you go to Tosci’s more than once a month), they make all their stuff from scratch, and they just have a fun, quirky sense of humor (just watch their video on their website). They have a number of standout year-round flavors, and the summer seasonals they were featuring when I was there are spectacular. The Salted Caramel, Buckeye State, and Bourbon Butter Pecan were my favorites of the signature flavors, but they also have some really interesting flavors like Bangkok Peanut. I truly loved all the seasonal flavors that I tried, but my favorites included Rhubarb Cardamom, Rockmill Golden Ale & Apricots, and Brambleberry Crisp. But don’t take my word for it, try them out for yourself! The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating and I think between my two visits, I tried at least two-thirds of the flavors. Don’t foresee a trip to Columbus anytime soon? I just found out Jeni has a cookbook that just came out and can’t wait to try it out! Continue reading

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Oct 23 2010

baked chicken meatballs and spaghetti

 baked chicken meatballs and spaghetti

It’s amazing to me how quickly fall came.  It’s like it was 90 degrees one day, and 50 the next.  I like fall a lot, but I hate how short it is.  But when it cooled off, I was thinking about food (as I very often do, especially when I’m consoling myself over the weather) and about how I can now make pasta (thanks to our wonderful new pasta roller), and I suddenly had this craving for a warm, cozy dish that I haven’t had in years.

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