Pixelated Crumb

4 Hours in Paris

A no/low carb diet sounds about as appealing to me as giving up air. When I was a kid, I once asked for another piece of bread with dinner and my mom gave me a choice: another piece of bread OR dessert. I LOVE dessert. From the very bottom of my heart, I love baked goods, I love ice cream, I love brown sugar right out of the bag. Don’t even start me on chocolate. And yet, I chose the bread that night.

When Joseph and I began our plans for our trip to Eastern Europe for Peter and Agne’s wedding in Lithuania, we we were faced with a choice of a reasonable layover or an 11 hour layover in Paris. We chose the 11 hour layover, despite the fact that we knew we would be exhausted after the overnight flight (I hardly slept at all!), but how can you give up a chance to see Paris? Our time was limited and I told Joseph that all I really cared about for our quick stint in Paris was eating some cheese, bread, a chocolate croissant, and having some good wine. Oh, and it would be pretty cool if we saw the Eiffel Tower.


When we got off the train from the airport, we snapped a couple of shots of the Notre Dame, and then bagan the search for a bakery. We stumbled across La Boulangerie de Papa where I got a pain au chocolat. It was not even in the same realm with the croissants that I had had before. It left my hands slippery with butter. The chocolate was made my heart skip a beat. And the flakiness! It was heaven.

I wanted to order at least one of everything in the bakery, but my husband insisted we move on. Sigh. Not without at least a shot of the beautiful baguettes.


How can anyone willingly give up bread??