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Key Lime Pineapple Citrus Martini

Do you ever have that perfect storm when you have random ingredients that you don’t normally have and it suddenly hits you that you can make something fabulous by combining them? Last Sunday afternoon we sitting around taking it easy and enjoying the nice spring weather. Joseph suggested a drink on the porch, thinking of the bottle of Gremona Gessami Bianco we had picked up the day before. But I was thinking of the pineapple juice we had.

When I was a kid, I loved pineapple orange banana juice, but almost never got to have it. I had forgotten all about that, but was reminded when I was looking for pineapple juice at the store to use for our Easter ham in pineapple mustard sauce. There was pineapple peach mango juice and pineapple orange banana, and oh man, I wanted to try them. But our fridge was already bursting, so we just got what we had come for. All this came back to me when Joseph suggested the drink on the porch.

We didn’t have orange juice, but we did have citrus vodka. And we didn’t have any peach or mango juice, but we did have key limes from the key lime coconut cake. Sure sounded like a good combo to me. And was it ever! It’s the perfect refreshing cocktail to usher in spring. Or summer. Or really, whatever you want to usher in.

Key Lime Pineapple Citrus Martini

Serves 2

2 key limes
8 oz pineapple juice
6 oz citrus vodka

Cut limes in half and rub around the edge of two martini glasses. Pour some sugar on a plate and run the rims of the glasses through it.

Pour pineapple juice and vodka into a shaker with ice. Squeeze one of the key limes into the shaker. Shake well and pour into glasses. Garnish glasses with a lime wedge or cross section.