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Mmmm S’mores


The West Branch Pond staff didn’t cook all our meals on our Maine vacation. Oh no. We made our own s’mores thank you very much. And since I haven’t shared a recipe in a while (because they really did cook everything for us), I’m sharing the s’mores recipe with you :).


I was so busy toasting the marshmallows to a perfect honey brown that I didn’t have time to take photos, so Joseph kindly stepped in and took photos while I got my sugar fix. I did make him one, though (I’m not completely terrible). We just couldn’t get a great photo of the final product given the low lighting and the simple fact that it’s very difficult to hold a freshly made s’more without gobbling it up promptly, so this is the best shot we got.



Roast marshmallows over an open flame to taste. Some prefer charred and some like them barely cooked, but I like slow roasting them until honey brown all over.

If using a wood burning stove as we did, I suggest using my sister’s technique of resting a graham cracker with a row of chocolate on top to bring the chocolate to a more melty state.

When your marshmallow is cooked to your liking, sandwich the marshmallow between 2 squares of graham crackers with at least one row of chocolate.

If you are out on a camping trip (or at home using your gas stove), and don’t have internet access to get this recipe and you can’t remember my precise directions for this difficult recipe, never fear, the marshmallow bag has a recipe printed on it!

If you are making s’mores in your kitchen over your gas stove and you’re using a fork instead of the traditional stick, DO NOT lick the fork when you take the marshmallow off. You will probably still forget each time and do it anyway, but I’m warning you to try to remember not to lick it. You will thank me.